AOL Charitable Foundation To Support Appleseeds Academy

AOL Charitable Foundation To Support Appleseeds Academy

August 2016

New York, NY

Tel Aviv, Israel

AOL Charitable Foundation and Appleseeds Academy are proud to announce that AOL Charitable Foundation will be providing funding for exciting new programs that will teach coding skills to disadvantaged youth from across Israel’s geographic and social periphery.

Appleseeds Academy’s Net@ Youth Technology program operates in 17 cities across Israel, supporting over 1,000 Jewish and Arab youth to become global citizens and technology experts. AOL Charitable Foundation is now supporting Appleseeds with a generous $150,000 grant to help Net@ make its next major step – a coding curriculum that teaches Net@ students the foundations of computational thinking and coding skills. The program will place a special emphasis on bringing Arab and Jewish girls into the world of coding.

Dafna Lifshitz, CEO of Appleseeds Academy states: “We are so thrilled to partner with AOL Charitable Foundation to bring new skills and access to youth across Israel. Our organizations see a special need to support girls in tech fields, and we see coding as a particular opportunity for more female participation in the tech sector. If Israel is to have a sustainable, equitable future, it will be because we succeed in bringing in disadvantaged voices to the mainstream, if we can create a Startup Nation for All Israelis. AOL Charitable Foundation is playing a major role in making that happen.”

“Making a difference in women’s equality means starting early and staying the course,” said Sara Link, President, AOL Charitable Foundation.  “We believe in supporting girls and women throughout their academic and professional careers, a journey that starts with early education.  It is programs like Appleseeds Academy that help attract and ultimately retain female representation in the Israel hi-tech space. We are excited to support them to help pave the way for future female leaders in this industry.”

Appleseeds will start piloting a coding curriculum for Net@ students this coming fall, and will work with AOL Charitable Foundation as well as AOL Israel Ltd. to support female students in gaining experience in the field. For more information, see

About Appleseeds Academy

Appleseeds Academy was established in 2000 in order to bridge the gap between the Startup Nation and Israel’s geographic and social periphery. We work to close the digital divide through the development and implementation of basic and advanced technology programs, vocational trainings, and life skills development. Working with a team of 250 professional instructors, Appleseeds operates in dozens of locations throughout Israel, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat. We reach 100,000 beneficiaries per year, mostly residents of the social and geographic periphery of Israel who lack the infrastructure and skills required for integrating fully into Israel’s economic future. Our specific target populations include: children and youth, youth at risk, women seeking employment; members of the Israeli minority sectors such as Arab society, Bedouin, the Druze community, the ultra-Orthodox, and new immigrants; as well as teachers, student teachers, and special needs populations.

About AOL Charitable Foundation

AOL Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation funded solely by AOL Inc. The Foundation improves the lives of women, girls and underserved youth, expanding opportunities for future leaders around the world by increasing access through education and technology, fostering leadership and cultivating creativity and innovation. This includes a commitment to strengthen their abilities to address the world’s biggest challenges today, tomorrow and beyond.

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