Appleseeds believes that education begins at early, Our programs promote technological training for children and youth, primarily through Net@, our tech youth organization.

Appleseeds has over two decades of experience helping youth from the periphery strive for excellence in technology and social leadership skills.

Net@ is the only youth organization in Israel that brings participants together from all segments of Isareli society. Since its inception, it has served as a powerful vehicle for teaching acceptance of the “other” from a young age. Net@ offers participants increased socioeconomic mobility through greater access to academic and employment opportunities. Students acquire tech skills certifications, self-directed learning abilities, improved self-confidence, and a portfolio of accomplishments that strengthen university and job applications.

Since 2003, Appleseeds’ Net@ Youth Movement has been promoting technological excellence and social leadership among Israeli students in Grades 5-12. Net@ operates 17 branches around the socio-geographic periphery of Israel, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat.

The Net@ curriculum provides partcipants theoretical and practical knowledge in coding, graphic design, networks, website and app development, professional and interpersonal skills, and volunteering opportunities. Net@ is unique not only because it uses technology to empower young people in the periphery, but also because it is the only youth organization in Israel that brings together Jewish, Druze, Muslim, and Christian participants, serving as a model of coexistence and acceptance.

The Net@ Alumni Organization was established in 2013 to guide recent high school graduates through their first big decisions related to career and academics. Our graduates don’t always have someone to help them navigate those first steps of their professional path, so we created the Net@ Alumni Organization to fill the gap.

Aligned with our core mission, Appleseeds works to open doors for our alumni using our broad network of connections in the hi-tech industry. Founded nearly a decade ago, the alumni community includes members who have just finished high school and others who have been working in the hi-tech sector for several years. All members benefit from a variety of activities and services including subsidized advanced technology trainings, career counseling, orientation to university applications and tools for academic success, networking events, professional development workshops, and scholarships for advanced degrees in technological fields. Each year a portion of our graduates come back to work with current Net@ participants as trainers, program coordinators, and managers, demonstrating the vibrancy and warmth the Net@ community has to offer.

The MAKES Platform
The MAKES Platform Gen-Zers want to learn differently, so we’ve redesigned the learning experience with our new methodology run by MAKES – an innovative, digital interface modeled on the popular content platforms teens already use.

MAKES nurtures students’ learning abilities, curiosity, and independence while offering them expertise in topics that range from financial and digital literacy to building self-esteem and developing positive body image – all this without forgetting that learning should be fun. Thousands of young people have already explored the platform – check it out for yourself! Product and Pedagogical Approach Our pedagogical methodology starts with the “maker” choosing the skill she wants learn or the product she wants to create. Then she joins the learning track that takes her all the way from the first lesson to achieving the desired result. With MAKES, students don’t learn about things, they do them. On the MAKES platform teens roll up their sleeves and engage in an interactive experience that strengthens their learning and reinforces that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

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